Roller Oven Model XGRL-4A



Power supply

220V±5% 50Hz

Roller speed


Packing size


Product Description

High temperature roller furnace using the latest PID intelligent control technology, direct set, digital display. The smooth operation, low noise, high precision, large range of work, a high degree of automation, simple operation, durable, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic.


  • Drilling fluid aging tests
  • Heating and rolling
  • Heating – drying and aging
  • Rolling – ball mill roller, homogenous mixing, chemical mixing, fluid deaerating

Type Specification

XGRL-4AHigh temperature roller oven

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Power supply220V±5% 50Hz
2Heating rod power1500W
3Roller speed50r/min
4Sample’s flow rate in the kettle0.16 m/s
5Temperature range50℃~300℃
5The temperature control accuracy±5℃
6The number of the samples8
7Net weight / Gross weight110kg/140.85kg
8Overall dimensions690×850×730mm
9Packing size930×810×770mm


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