Pressurized Fluid Density Scale Model YYM



Measuring range

0.9-3.1g/cm3(7.5-26 lb/gal)

Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

The Model YYM Liquid Pressure Densitometer is an instrument for measuring the absolute density of a fluid sample. With the TRU-WATE Balance, the density of a fluid sample, such as cement slurry, can be measured in a fixed volume sample under pressure.
By pressurizing the sample cup the entrained air or gas can be decreased to a negligible volume, thus providing a slurry density measurement more closely in agreement with the true density which will be realized under down-hole conditions.
Qingdao Hai Tong Da density balances are constructed of premium metals for durability, accuracy and ease of use. A high impact plastic case protects the balance during transport and provides a secure base in its working position.
Qingdao Hai Tong Da density balances meet all the requirements of the API standard procedures for testing water base drilling fluids, oil base drilling fluids and oil well cements.

Type Specification

YYMMud Balance TruWatePipette

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Measuring range0.9-3.1g/cm3(7.5-26 lb/gal)
2Measuring accuracy0.01g/ cm3
3Cup capacity210 ml
4Net weight / Gross weight3.2kg/4.5kg
5Overall dimensions550×100×130mm
6Packing size560×125×145mm