Pressurized Curing Chambers Model HT7375



The input voltage

AC220±10% 50Hz

Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

The Pressurized Curing Chambers is used for curing tensile or compression specimens of oil well cements at elevated temperatures and at pressures above atmospheric, simulating conditions in the well.
Briefly, the procedure is to prepare the test specimens according to API Spec. 10(1). The specimen slurries are poured into molds, and the molds are lowered into the pressure curing cylinder. The cylinder plug is installed, the thermocouple is inserted into the cylinder head, and the cylinder is filled with water to expel air. Heat, regulated by an Automatic Temperature Program System, and pressure are then applied to the cylinder in accordance with applicable schedules of API Spec. 10(1). Maximum pressure and temperature are maintained until shortly before the end of the curing time specified. The temperature is then reduced, pressure is regulated to atmospheric, and the test specimens are removed for testing.

Type Specification

HT7375Pressurized Curing Chambers

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1The input voltageAC220±10% 50Hz
2The input power8.5KVA
3Maximum temperature370℃
4Heater power4000W×2
4Compressed air600~1000KPa
4Operating environment temperature0~40℃;
5Working environment humidity0~90RH%
6Net weight / Gross weight368kg/468kg
7Overall dimensions1250×750×1600mm
8Packing size1300×800×1650mm