Portable Roller Oven Model GRL-BX3



Power supply

220V±10% 50Hz

The input power


Heating power


Product Description

The temperature control of heating furnace uses the newest microcomputer intelligent control technology set the temperature directly and digital display the results. The deviation can be displayed to ensure high accuracy. The dynamical and electrical control system on the top body make the equipment easy to use, maintain and repair.


1. Research the cation exchange reaction in newly formulated drilling fluid(e.g. calcium treated drilling fluid).
2. Test the stability of drilling fluid additives (e.g. thinners and organic glues)
3. Used as dry box.
4. Used as aging oven.
5. Used as ball mill
6. Agitate chemical solution
7. Mix liquid or solid material evenly
8. Eliminate gas from gas.

Type Specification

GRL-BX3Portable roller ovenAging cell LHG-2/2A(Optional)

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specifiaction
1Power supply220V±10% 50Hz
2The input power700W
3Heating power500W
4Temperature range50℃~180℃
5Roller speed112±5r/min
6Sample’s flow rate in the kettle0.16 m/s
7The number of the samples2
8Net weight / Gross weight35.84kg/48kg
9Overall dimensions540×340×530mm
10Packing size630×450×580mm