Permeability Plugging Tester-P.P.T. Model HTD18984



Rated Power


Cup capacity


Working Temperature

Ambient temperature to 180℃

Product Description

Drilling Fluid Plugging Performance Evaluation Instrument (PPT) is an improvement to the standard of 500ml high temperature and high pressure water loss meter, and the plugging evaluation is carried out by using different sizes of pore sand disc media. It is mainly composed of frame body, high-pressure filtrate receiver, drilling fluid cup, pressure device and so on. The cup body is equipped with an experimental cup cover, a floating piston and a scored bottom cover. This cup body has a groove deeper than the standard cup body for placing the sand disc. The sand disc used is controlled by strict production process and its performance is stable.

During the heating process, the instrument can perform filtration tests without interference from the precipitated particles on the filter medium. The plugging instrument can demonstrate how the drilling fluid forms a low permeability filter cake that blocks the wear and tear under the pressure interval, and can prevent the pressure difference from getting stuck. Usually the pressure difference is much higher than that under high temperature and high pressure test. It can be used in outdoor or laboratory environments.

Specification and Model

Drilling Fluid Plugging Performance Evaluation InstrumentHTD18984


Working Principle

Under certain pressure conditions, while drilling fluid penetrates into the well wall, part of the solid phase material enters the pores or fractures of the well wall to deposit and form an internal filter cake, which reduces the permeability near the well wall; the other part of the solid phase material is blocked An outer filter cake is formed outside the well wall. The essence of the drilling fluid physical plugging technology is to reduce the penetration depth of the filtrate through the joint action of the inner filter cake and the outer filter cake.

Technical Parameters

No.Technical Specification
1Power Supply(220±11)V 50Hz
2Rated Power1KW
3Working TemperatureAmbient temperature to 180℃
4Drilling fluid cup working pressure≤20MPa
5Cup capacity500mL
6Effective drainage area3.5in2 (22.6 cm2 )
7Air supplyNitrogen, carbon dioxide
8Oil pressureHydraulic oil
9Net weight / Gross weight60/68kg
10Overall dimensions274x305x1058(mm)
11Packing size730x710x400(mm)


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