Mixers-Hamilton Beach Model GJD-B12K



Working power

220V±5% 50Hz

Timing range

1~20 min

The environment temperature

-20℃~60℃ Non-condensate

Product Description

Slurry formulations usually contain a base liquid and additives which must be dissolved or mechanically dispersed into the liquid to form a homogenous fluid. The resulting fluid may contain one or more of the following: water -dispersible (soluble) polymers or resins, clays or other insoluble but dispersible fine solids, and soluble salts. The fluids are mixed or sheared for times appropriate to achieve a homogenous mixture.
Shearing devices vary widely in the amount of shear they impart. Longer shearing times may be required for low shear devices to achieve complete dissolution/hydration of fluid components; while high shear devices may produce nearly completely yielded drilling fluid blends in a few minutes.
Drilling fluid formulations are commonly mixed with various shearing devices which may be either fixed speed or variable speed. The motors may turn mixing shafts with rounded “propellers,” sharp blades, wave-form shapes, or others. Single shaft or multiple shaft devices are used. The series of high speed mixers include the products such as the GJD-B12K, GJS-B12K and GJSS-B12K etc. The advanced frequency-variable technology and microcomputer technology. They are characterized by timing, constant speed, and single-axle/multi-axles working simultaneously. The mixing blades are manufactured in accordance with the API standard. The instruments also have the characters of simple operation, strong starting moment, stable rotational speed, high reliability and low noise.

Type Specification

GJD-B12KMixers – Hamilton Beach① Single motor stirring
② One liquid cup
GJS-B12KMixers – Hamilton Beach① Two motors stirring
② Two liquid cups
GJSS-B12KMixers – Hamilton Beach① Four motors for stirring
② Four liquid cups

Technical Specification

1Power supply220V±5% 50Hz
2Rated power250 W250W×2250W×4
3No-load speed3000、4000、6000、8000、10000、11000、12000r/min
4Mixing volume350ml350ml×2350ml×4
5Timing range1~20 min
6The environment temperature-20℃~60℃ Non-condensate
7Environmental humidityBelow 90%
8Net weight / Gross weight18kg/27.54kg30kg/40.12kg55kg/74.54kg
9Overall dimensions410×300×600mm510×530×580mm820×530×580mm
10Packing size530×345×660mm540×430×650mm450×310×655mm