Mixers-Hamilton Beach Model GJ-3H



Working power


Rated power


Environment humidity

90% under

Product Description

Model GJ-3H high-speed mixer adopts advanced stepless speed regulation technology and microcomputer technology.It has stepless speed, digital speed and timing function.Mixing blade is made by API standard.The operation is simple, the starting torque is large, the speed adjustment range is wide, the speed is stable, reliable and the noise is small.It is a special experimental instrument for petroleum exploration and chemical research .Mainly it is used for high speed mixing of drilling fluids and chemical reagents used in oil drilling.It is a ideal high speed mixing instrument.

Specification and model

NumberNameSpecification and modelConfiguration
1High-speed mixerGJ-3H①Single motor mixing
②A liquid cup

Technical parameters

NumberNameTechnical index
1Working powerAC220V
2Rated power300W
3No-load speed3000-11000r/min
4Mixing volume350ml
5Timer range1~90min
6Environment temperature-20℃~60℃ non-condensate
7Environment humidity90% under


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