Low Pressure Filter Press Model ZNS-5B



Work stress


Maximum cup pressure


Effective filtration loss area


Product Description

Model ZNS-5B Low Pressure Filter Press is the most effective means of determining filtration properties of drilling fluids and cement slurries. All Low Pressure Filter Press assemblies consist of these items:
1.mud reservoir mounted in a frame
2.pressure assembly and regulator
3.filter paper
4.25 ml graduated cylinder
Measuring filtration behavior and wall-cake building characteristics of a mud is essential to drilling fluid control and treatment. The characteristics of filtrate, such as oil, water, or emulsion content are also important. The types and quantities of solids in the fluid and their physical and chemical interactions affect these characteristics. Temperature and pressure affect the physical and chemical interactions. Performing tests at both low pressure/low temperature and high pressure/high temperature is necessary, and these testing conditions require different equipment and techniques.
The basic filter press has a cell assembly constructed of stainless steel or aluminum material and includes the required screens and gaskets.
Working pressure is 0.69MPa and the filtering area is 45.6cm², as specified in API

Compressed oxygen should not be used as a pressure source. Fire and explosion hazards exist when using oxygen.

Type Specification

ZNS-5BLow pressure filter pressA set of stainless steel drilling fluid cups

Technical Specification

1Work stress0.69MPa
2Maximum cup pressure1MPa
3Maximum drilling fluid injection330ml
4Effective filtration loss area45.6cm2
5Net weight / Gross weight7.08kg/8.94kg
6Overall dimensions310×180×490mm
7Packing size560×425×265mm


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