Low Pressure Filter Press Model ZNS-5A



Work stress


Maximum cup pressure


Effective filtration loss area


Product Description

Model ZNS-5A and Model SD6A Low Pressure Filter Press is used for measuring filtration and wall-building properties of drilling fluids and cement slurries. The filtration rate is the fluid loss measured in milliliters at ambient temperature and 0.69MPa through a special filter paper for 30 minutes. Wall -building characteristics are demonstrated by the thickness and consistency of the filter cake (the residue) deposited on the filter paper after 30 minutes. The filter cake is measured to the closest 1/32 in. or the nearest millimeter.
The low pressure filter press assemblies described in this manual consist of the following items:
1.filter cell mounted in a frame
2.pressure assembly and regulator
3.filter paper, the filtering medium
4.25 ml graduated cylinder, the filtrate receiver
The filter press cell body, top cap, and base cap are constructed of stainless steel.
The filtering medium is filter paper that has been especially hardened for filtrate testing.
Multiple Unit Filter Press assemblies permit simultaneous running of one to six filtration tests. Each one of the assemblies consists of a frame with the indicated number of complete Stainless Steel filter cells. Manifolds are complete with air hoses, cut-offs and bleeder valves.

Compressed oxygen should not be used as a pressure source. Fire and explosion hazards exist when using oxygen.

Type Specification

ZNS-5ALow pressure filter pressA set of stainless steel drilling fluid cups
SD6AMultilink Low pressure filter pressSix sets of stainless steel drilling fluid cups

Technical Specification

No.Technical SpecificationModel
1Work stress0.69MPa
2Maximum cup pressure1MPa
3Maximum drilling fluid injection330ml330ml×6
4Effective filtration loss area45.6cm2
5Net weight / Gross weight8.42kg/10.28kg38.9kg/56.55kg
6Overall dimensions530×180×560mm910×200×650mm
7Packing size560×425×265mm1130×730×330mm