Lost Circulation Material Evaluation Receiver QD-81



Work stress


Cylinder capacity


Overall dimensions


Product Description

The Lost Circulation Material Evaluation Receiver is an alternative back pressure receiver for the Haitongda® Permeability Plugging Apparatus (PPA) and Automated Plugging Apparatus (APPA).
The LCM Evaluation Receiver can handle larger particles without plugging. This new design is beneficial for testing drilling fluids containing various sized material at engineered concentrations.
These special drilling fluids seal multiple lost circulation situations, including severe fluid losses.


  • Custom built for testing LCM fluids with large particle sizes
  • Larger orifice to help prevent plugging
  • Cell cap (included) that easily installs into haitongda PPA and APPA


Type Specification

QD-81Lost Circulation Material Evaluation Receiver

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Work stress~7MPa
2Cylinder capacity4000ml
3Air supplyNitrogen
4Gap plate specificationNo.1~6( Among them No. 6 full-diameter ring)
5Plugging depth measurement0~77mm
6Net weight / Gross weight86.42kg/105.05kg
7Overall dimensions600×540×1100mm
8Packing size590×430×465mm