Linear Swell Mete Model NP-02A



Test measuring range




Water injection volume


Product Description

The Normal Temperature Intelligent Swell Meter is mainly used to test the hydration and expansion characteristics of mud shale at room temperature and pressure and to evaluate the optimal anti-collapse drilling formula. It is mainly composed of host computer and data sampling system.

The instrument adopts dual channels at normal temperature and pressure, and synchronously compares measurements to reduce test errors, save time, and improve work efficiency. The shale hydration and expansion process can be obtained under different pressure conditions. Provide advanced mud testing equipment for scientific research and production. It greatly reduces the space of the instrument and can be directly connected to the computer. It is an optimal paperless recording method. It has a paper recorder that is longer than the barrel and greatly saves costs.

Specification and Model

Normal Temperature Intelligent Swell MeterNP-02A


Working Principle

Hang the pressed rock sample (with the rock sample cup) together on the hanger and adjust the zero point. Put the liquid cup into the experiment and lift the cup holder to make the liquid cup test solution flow into the test cup. Due to the hydration and expansion characteristics of mud shale, upward displacement is generated, so that the sensor generates a signal and transmits it to the computer, and the displacement is expanded according to time, and the real-time change curve and corresponding digital recording data are recorded.

Technical Parameters

No.Technical SpecificationsNote
1Working pressureNormal pressure
2Working temperatureNormal Temperature
3Test measuring range≤20mm
4Comprehensive measurement accuracy≤5% of maximum expansiononly for parallel sample test
6Shale weight10g~15g
7Water injection volume250mL
8Mud cake compression1.0~5.0MPaAs needed
9Net weight/gross weight18/25kg
10Overall dimensions420x210x480(mm)
11Packing size645x400x495(mm)


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