Linear Swell Mete Model HTP-2A



Power supply

220V±5%, 50Hz

Overall dimensions


Net weight


Product Description

High Shale Swell Meter is a precision measuring instrument mainly used to test the expansion of the drill core and swelling solid in high temperature and high pressure. Having this information helps operators develop a drilling program that minimizes drilling risks and costs associated with shale.

Type Specification

HTP-2ALinear Swell Meter

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Power supply220V±5%, 50Hz
2Heating power1KW
3Maximum working pressure3.5MPa
4The test range15mm
5Measurement resolution0.1mm;
6Working temperature≤120℃
7Instrument operating environment-15℃~40℃。
8Air supplyNitrogen (or compressed air),≤5.0MPa
9Net weight21.5kg
10Overall dimensions510×350×500mm