Lab Mixing Tank Model PJ-10L



Nominal voltage

220V 50Hz

Power of agitator


Packing size


Product Description

The properties of drilling fluid are related to its compositions and their interaction. They are also related to slurry device, method and condition. So it is necessary for getting valid testing result to standardize slurry device, method and condition.
Flipping slurry instrument is a standardizing instrument which is widely used in oil field laboratory, geology, metallurgy, colleges& universities, scientific research institutions.
This instrument adopts flipping structure. It is flexible and convenient and its spindle speed is stepless and steady. It has also large starting torque. Advanced digital control circuit is used in the control section, which ensures that its performance curve is steady and the influence of stirring medium is minimum on this instrument.

Type Specification

PJ-10LLab mixing tank


Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Nominal voltage220V 50Hz
2Power of agitator0.6KW
3Rotate speed0~3000r/min( Stepless speed regulation )
4Mixed capacity10L
5Net weight / Gross weight25.35kg/33.57kg
6Overall dimensions370×320×630mm
7Packing size430×380×660mm