HPHT Filter Press Model HTD17375



Power supply

(220±11)V 50Hz 2.5KW



Maximum Working Pressure

7.1 MPa

Product Description

High temperature and high pressure filter is used to simulate the filtrate loss of drilling fluid and cement slurry under the condition of deep well (ultra-high temperature and high pressure), and the filter cake formed after filtrate loss under the condition of high temperature and high pressure can be made at the same time. It is mainly composed of main body, drilling fluid cup, high pressure filtrate receiver, control cabinet and pipeline system.
Manufactured using the American petroleum institute(API)standards. It has the characteristics of high precision, good repeatability, small error, simple operation and accurate test data. It is widely used in oil fields, scientific research institutes, laboratories and other departments.

Type Specification

GGS71-HHTHP Filter Press

Working Principle

Inject the quantitative drilling fluid sample into the drilling fluid cup, seal it, put the drilling fluid cup into the heater and heat it, at the same time, inflate and pressurize the drilling fluid cup quantitatively through the pressurized manifold. At a certain temperature and pressure, the sample is pressurized and filtrate is produced through the filter paper in the drilling fluid cup. The filtrate volume is measured to evaluate the filtration performance of the drilling fluid.

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Power(220±11)V 50Hz 2.5KW
2Operating TemperatureNormal temperature~600℉ (316℃)
3Environment Temperature41℉~104℉ (5℃~40℃)
4Maximum Working Pressure7.1 MPa
6Filtering Area3.5in2(22.6 cm2)
7Gas SourceNitrogen , Carbon Dioxide
(Do not use oxygen)
8Net Weight / Gross Weight226/300kg
9Overall dimensions655x700x1800(mm)
10Packing size855x900x2000(mm)


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