HPHT Filter Press Model GGS71-B



Power supply

220V±5% 50Hz

Rated power


Back pressure


Product Description

The Model GGS71-B HTHP Filter Press can be used to measure the filtration rate of drilling fluids and cement slurry under the condition of deep wells (HTHP), at the same time can be used to prepare the mud cake formed after filtration under the HTHP conditions. It possesses the characters of high precision, small error, simple operation and accurate measured data. The apparatus has been used extensively in various oil-fields, research institutions and laboratories.
The instrument is designed according to recommended program issued by API. It can be used in the temperature range from room temperature to 232℃. Compared with the same series of GGS71-A high temperature and high pressure filter, the temperature control system adopts the most advanced electronic temperature controller in the world at present, which has the characteristics of high temperature control accuracy, good repeatability, simple operation and accurate test data. It is very suitable for use in laboratories of oil fields and scientific research institutes.

Type Specification

GGS71-BHTHP Filter Press

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Power supply220V±5% 50Hz
2Rated power1000W
3Drilling fluid cup’s working pressure7.1MPa
4Limit pressure of the drilling fluid cup10MPa
5Back pressure3.5MPa
6Drilling fluid cup’s capacity500ml
7Effective drainage area22.6cm2
8Air supplyNitrogen, carbon dioxide gas (without oil, water and other impurities)
9Working temperatureAt room temperature to 232℃
10Net weight / Gross weight28.66kg/38.9kg
11Overall dimensions480×350×780mm
12Packing size790×450×415mm