Hand Operated Centrifuge Model SY-5



Speed range


Be adapted to

100g Pear type centrifuge tube

Product Description


The potassium ion in the drilling fluid aims to stabilize shale and restrain the clay’s dilatability. Therefore the potassium ion content must be measured accurately so as to control the performances of drilling fluid. HC-2100 hand operated centrifuge is used to measure the potassium ion content in the drilling fluid whose potassium ion content is more than 5000mg/l or KCl concentration is bigger than 3.5lb/bbl. Use the perchloride to deposit the potassium ion in the centrifuge, then determine the volume of the deposit, and numerate the content from the criterion curve.

Specification and model

Model HC-2100

Technical parameters

Main technical parameters are listed below:

No.NameTechnical parameter
1Speed range0~1800r/min
2Be adapted to100g Pear type centrifuge tube

Instrument structure and working principle

(1) Instrument structure
The instrument is comprised of shell, gear, handle, test tube frame, fixing equipment, and etc.

The structure is detailed as follows:

1Pear type centrifuge tube
2Test tube frame
4Test tube canister
7Small bevel gear
9Gear stem
11Big bevel gear
12Polished rod axis
15Clamp equipment
16Brake pin
18Set screw

(2)Working principle
Measured sample in the centrifugal tube is centrifuged by the high speed rotation, so the deposits are separated from the liquid, and its content can be determined by graduated vessels.

 Operating instructions

1. After reading the explanation book carefully, use the fixation clamp equipment to fix the instrument on the workbench, and ensure that the instrument will not twitter and be stable.
2. Fix the handle on the main axis of the instrument, and clockwise turn the handle to observe revolution body of the instrument so as to make it normal operating state.
3. Measure the revolution of the revolution body after the handle are turned one circle. For example: Handle runs one circle and the revolution body runs 15 circles.
4. Place the prepared centrifugal tube(100ml pear model) on the test tube of the fixed frame, and clip it so as no to pour out.(Note: if just use one test tube, another test tube should be used to make a balance at the same way.)
5. Revolution body runs 1800 circles, and the handle runs 10 circles (1800/1200). So the handle must run 120 circles in one minute to make the revolution body 1800 circles in one minute. At this rotation speed, the handle must turn 10 times in 5 seconds. In 15~20 seconds, you can reach the constant 1800r/min rotation speed. These period time should be noted in the sample centrifugal time.
6. Centrifuge one minute at 1800r/min constant rotation speed, and immediately take out the centrifugal tube and read the volume of deposit.
7. After the experiment is finished, test tube clip should be removed, and test tube should be taken out and purified.
8. Draw a diagram according to the volume of deposit(ml) and the content of potassium chloride(lb/bbl) in rectangular coordinate.
Before the instrument will be operated, the instrument and the test tube should be fixed fastly.
On operation, hand, clothes and other articles should be away from the rotation body or other rotation parts.

Maintenance and repair

1. When moving, repairing and cleaning the instrument, should be gently to fetch the instrument, lest that some component deform so as to influence the precision and use.
2. The rotation body must not be collided, lest that it bends to deform and defect the instrument.
3. Firstly operate the instrument, should run several minutes. If the voice and the rotation speed are normal, accessories are fixed, then the instrument can be operated naturally.
4. The instrument must have free ventilation, and regularly clear away the dust or the dirty. Be careful of that these dirty enter the instrument.
5. The handle should be parted with instrument when no using.
6. After using, purify the instrument and test tube, and place them into a dry surrounding.

Transportation and Storage

The transportation and storage of instrument should correspond to the GB/T25480-2010 standard. The product should be stored in the room with ventilation. The indoor air does not contain the impurity which can arouse device corrosion.

Fault determination and troubleshooting

PhenomenonCauseMaintenance methodRemarks
Centrifuge sway on operation.The centrifuge is not fixed hardly.Re-install the clamp equipment and make the instrument fixed hardly.
When shaking the handle, feel not agile.The rotation parts have erosion to make frictions.Add lubricating oil.


List of random accessories and tools

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