Hand Operated Centrifuge Model SY-2



Net weight / Gross weight


Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

The potassium ion in the drilling fluid aims to stabilize shale and restrain the clay’s dilatability. So, the potassium ion content must be measured accurately so as to control the performances of drilling fluid. SY-2 hand operated centrifuge is used to measure the potassium ion content in the drilling fluid whose potassium ion content is more than 5000mg/l or KCl concentration is bigger than 3.5lb/bbl. Use the perchloride to deposit the potassium ion in the centrifuge, then determine the volume of the deposit, and numerate the content from the criterion curve.

Type Specification

SY-2Hand Operated Centrifuge

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Working rotate speedReach to the constant speed 1800r/min
2Apply to10ml Model kolmer centrifuge tube
3Net weight / Gross weight2.78kg/3.68kg
4Overall dimensions370×250×150mm
5Packing size370×290×240mm