Garrett Gas Train Test Model QTH



Gas separation channel

Diameter 2mm

Net weight / Gross weight


Overall dimensions


Product Description

MODEL QTH Garrett Gas Train Kit contains the essential equipment and reagents for measuring sulfides and carbonates by the Garrett Gas Train method. This procedure follows API Recommended Practices.

This kit includes the following:

1.Garrett Gas Train
2.Draeger Tubes (H2S & CO2)
3.CO2 Cartridges
5.Pressure Regulator
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are undesirable gases that can be detected and quantitatively measured using the Garrett Gas Train method.
The Garrett Gas Train has three chambers. Sample is added to the first chamber where it is mixed with acid. An inert carrier gas carries hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide that is released through the chambers.


•Reliable, quantitative results
•Proven method that complies with API Recommended Practices
•Wide measurement ranges for sulfide and carbonate
•Portable kit packaged in durable plastic carrying case

Type Specification

QTHGarrett Gas Train

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Gas separator 1 roonHighly 90mm Diameter 38mm
2Gas separator 2 roonHighly 90mm Diameter 30mm
3Gas separator 3 roonHighly 90mm Diameter 30mm
4Gas separation channelDiameter 2mm
5For DrägerH2S analysis tube in low concentration rangeMarked H2S 100/a
6For DrägerH2S analysis tube in low concentration rangeMarked H2S 0.2%/a
7Net weight / Gross weight9.52kg/10.52kg
8Overall dimensions600×430×300mm
9Packing size570×330×470mm