Funnel Viscometer Model ZLN-1A



Measuring accuracy


Overall dimensions


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Product Description

The Model ZLN-1A Funnel Viscometer is used to measure relative viscosity of the drilling fluids, comparatively with water viscosity. It is widely used in Petroleum or Geology industry, and especially can be used to measure daily drilling fluid viscosity data in drilling field. To some extent, the data measured by the Viscometer are greatly influenced by colloid ratio and gravity, so the data measured by the Viscometer cannot directly compare with that of the Rotational Viscometer, static shear and rheometer.
Qingdao Haitongda Instrument Company offers a complete line of equipment, materials, and supplies for analyzing various drilling fluids and oil well cements in accordance with API Specifications and API Recommended Practices.

Type Specification

ZLN-1AFunnel ViscometerStainless steel

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Measuring accuracy15±0.5s
2Mesh size1.6mm(12mesh)
3The volume below the criny700ml±15ml
4The conicity of the funnel1/2.25
5AccuracyThe outflow time of 500ml pure water under the condition of 20℃ water temperature is 15s±0.5s
6Net weight / Gross weight1.15kg/1.6kg
7Overall dimensions240×131×350mm
8Packing size385×205×230mm