Field Portable Kits Model KITS D



Net weight / Gross weight


Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

Type D Field Portable Kits is an multi-functional and comprehensive mating analyzer can be applied to drill field and field exploration. The mating box includes DDS Drilling Fluid Conductivity Tester, PHS Drilling Fluid Acidity Meter, Electronic balance, tools, Electric furnace and combination of the power supply. Above components are put in stainless steel case. It is convenient and reliable to use and flexible and safe to move.


No.Sets of apparatusSpecificationsQuantity
1Drilling Fluid Acidity MeterPHS1
2Drilling Fluid Conductivity TesterDDS1
3Electronic balance200g1
4Combination of tools1
5Electric furnace1
6Combination of the power supply1

Technical Specification

No.ProjectTechnical Specification
1Net weight / Gross weight25.22kg/33.72kg
2Overall dimensions615×255×425mm
3Packing size700×360×540mm