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Product Description

Type B Field Portable Kits is multi-functional and comprehensive mating analyzer can be applied to drill field and field exploration. The box includes Model ZNG-A Retort Kit, Model ZNS-2 Low Pressure Filter Press, Model YM Mud balance, Model ZNH-1 Sand Content Kit, Model MLN-4 Marsh Funnel Viscometer and other fittings. Above apparatuses are put in stainless steel case. It is convenient and reliable to use, it is flexible and safe to move.
1) Model ZNG-A Retort Kit is used to separate and determine the volume of water, oil and solid in drilling fluids sample. Heat the known volume water-based drilling fluids sample in distiller and make liquid phase composition evaporate, then condense and collect it in the measuring cylinder. Read oil and water volume directly on the measuring cylinder. Total solids volume (suspended and dissolved solids) equals to total sample volume minus liquid volume. All dissolved solids are left in distiller, so dissolved solids volume can be computed. The volume of low specific gravity solids and weighting material can be computed too, which is the basis of knowing the solids concentration and water-based drilling fluids viscosity, controlling filtration. It is characterized with simple structure and convenient operation. It is the ideal apparatus in the laboratory and field.
2) Model ZNS-2 Low pressure Filter Press: Pour a given amount of drilling fluids into cylindrical drilling fluid cup and fasten bowl cover. Put through gas source and adjust pressure to 0.69MPa. Open air release valve and let gas enter into drilling fluids cup. It has a filter area of 45.6±0.6cm2(1±0.1in2). Pressure is provided by gas that passes by adjustor. Record filtrate time, filtrate volume and mud cake thickness. It is widely used in oil field, geologic exploration and laboratory to analyze and determine drilling fluids.
3) Model YM Mud balance density meter is the special apparatus to determine density of drilling fluids and other liquids. It is widely used in oil field, geologic exploration and laboratory analyze and determine liquid density. It is characterized with stable measuring data and high precision.
4) Model ZNH-1 Sand Content Kit is a simple, reliable, effective, accurate instrument to determine mud sand content. Sand content of the mud is volume percent of sand which can not put through 200 mesh sieve (sand diameter is larger than 0.074mm).
5) Model MLN-4 Marsh Funnel Viscometer is simple instrument used to measure drilling fluids viscosity. It is manufactured according to API standard. Let a given amount of drilling fluids flow out from marsh funnel. Measure time to confirm viscosity. It is characterized with simple structure and convenient operation. The instrument is widely used to such department as petroleum and geologic exploration.


No.Sets of apparatus Specifications Quantity
1Low pressure Filter Press ZNS-21
2Mud balance YM-11
3Mud balance YM-21
4Retort kit ZNG-A1
5Sand content kitZNH-11
6Marsh Funnel viscometer MLN-41
8Second chronographFigure1
9Measuring cup、 Measuring cylinder、 Filter paper and Sealing ring, etc

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Net weight / Gross weight21.58kg/30.08kg
2Overall dimensions615×255×425mm
3Packing size700×360×540mm


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