Field Portable Kits Model KITS A



Net weight / Gross weight


Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

Type A Field Portable Kits is a set of multi-function integrated drilling fluid analysis apparatus. The corollary box is a stainless steel box consists of ZNN-D6 6-speed viscometer,GJ-3S High-speed mixer and other parts,which can be used conveniently and credibly,and move flexibly and safely.
1)ZNN-D6 6-speed viscometer can measure mostly the viscosity and rheological characteristics of Newton and Non-Newton fluids,and measure technical parameters such as shear force,rheological index,consistency coefficient. Its features include convenient operation and reliable measurement.
2)GJ-3S High-speed mixer is a specific experiment equipment used in petroleum exploration and drilling. Its main motor can drive the strap and the mix axis,which mix all kinds of drilling fluids used in petroleum drilling. The motor can be controlled by an electrical speed regulator,which belongs to a stepless speed regulation. The fact rotate speed can be shown digitally on the panel of the speed regulator whose working range is 4000~11000r/min,and whose mix vanes should be manufactured on API criterion.


No.Sets of apparatus Model Quantity
16-Speed viscometer ZNN-D61
2High-speed mixer GJ-3S1

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Net weight / Gross weight29.08kg/37.58kg
2Overall dimensions615×255×425mm
3Packing size700×360×540mm