Drilling Fluid Lubricity Analyzer Model DLA-Ⅱ



Differential pressure


Maximum vacuum


Overall dimensions


Product Description

The lubricity performance testing system for drilling fluids and lubricants (Abbreviated by the system) is a software system used with the DLA-Ⅱ drilling fluid lubricity performance tester, with the functions of auto-gathering experimental data, treating, saving, analyzing, finding and printing. It is performed on the operating system of Windows 98SE (Simplified Chinese version). Its interface is fully in Chinese, and it can greatly improve the accuracy of data collection and extent of automation for the experimental process..
The basic functions of the system are listed as follows:
1) Function of automatically collecting experimental data: The System can acquire the experiment data automatically and show them on the computer screen with curves or values;
2) Function of automatically disposing experimental data: The system can auto-calculate many parameters according to the auto-collected experimental data, such as the average torque, the average friction coefficient and the relative decreasing rate after adding lubricants;
3) Function of automatically saving experimental data: The system can auto-save the experimental data and the related parameters into the database;
4) Function of automatically searching experimental data: The system can auto-searching the corresponding experimental data according to user’s query term;
5) Function of automatically reporting: The system can compile an experimental report according to the searched experimental data in the style of values or curves and print the report according to user’s demand.

Type Specification

DLA-ⅡDrilling Fluid Lubricity Analyzer

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Drill rotary speedAdjustable and constant (0~150r/min) measurement accuracy is 1r/min
2Differential pressure0~0.69MPa
3Drilling fluid flow rateStepless adjustable
4Torque measuring range0~5N.m,
5Torquemeasurement accuracy≤0.5%F.S
6Lateral load30~200N Continuous adjustable
7Maximum vacuum-0.1Mpa
8Gross weight450kg
9Overall dimensions1500×900×1800mm