Digital Densimeter Model YMS



Power supply

220V 50Hz ;( or Four No.2 dry battery )

Measuring range

0.1-5.0 g/cm3

Measuring accuracy

0.01 g/cm3

Product Description

Density is a measurement of fluid weight per unit of volume. This measurement is often referred to as mud weight and is reported as pounds per gallon or grams per cubic centimeter. The primary function of monitoring density is to control formation pressures and minimize loss of returns.
The Model YMS Digital Liquid Densitometer is used to measure the density of various liquids, whose precision is sufficient to reach ±0.01g/cm3. Adopting pressure sensor and calculating using computer program, the instrument can directly display the density of liquids from the liquid crystal monitor, so as to avoid the effect on precision due to the damage or deforming of lever, supporting edge and rider occurred in other kinds of densitometer. It is characterized by the large measuring scope, simple operation and high precision. Hence, the densitometer is considered as an advanced measuring instrument to date and can be extensively applied in the professions such as petroleum, chemical engineering, food and medicine, etc.
The Model YMS Digital Liquid Densitometer is constructed with an easy-to-read beam graduated into one scales: g/cm3 (grams per cubic centimeter)
Qingdao Hai Tong Da density balances meet all the requirements of the API standard procedures for testing water base drilling fluids, oil base drilling fluids and oil well cements.

Type Specification

YMSDigital Densimeter

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Power supply220V 50Hz ;( or Four No.2 dry battery )
2Measuring range0.1-5.0 g/cm3
3Measuring accuracy0.01 g/cm3
4Cup capacity200ml
5Net weight / Gross weight3.0kg/3.76kg
6Overall dimensions240×270×140mm
7Packing size385×320×250mm