Cup Heater Model JR



Net weight / Gross weight


Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

The Cup Heater allows measuring viscosity at elevated temperatures. Heater Cups are fitted with a removable stainless steel sample cup for easy cleaning, and are designed to fit snugly on the Rheometer base. The Thermostat control allows heating up to 200°F (93°C).
This Cup Heater is intended for controlling temperature of a drilling fluid sample while taking readings with a Rheometer or Viscometer. The low thermal conductivity of a drilling fluid requires that it be agitated while heating in order to reach a uniform temperature in a reasonable length of time.

Type Specification

JRCup Heater

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Nominal voltage220V±5% ;50Hz
2Rated power300W
3Controlling temperatureRoom temperature to 93 ℃
4The heating time of the cup bodyLess than 30 minutes
5Net weight / Gross weight2.48kg/2.98kg
6Overall dimensions200×170×130mm
7Packing size330×270×220mm


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