Cement Cube Molds Model HTD4112



Working Pressure


Working Temperature




Product Description

The Cement Cube Molds are specially designed for use with various high temperature and high pressure curing kettles to make standard test blocks.

Specification and Model

No.NameSpecificationModelSpecimen Qtynote
1Cement Cube Molds21×10×23cmHTD41104Double deep
2Cement Cube Molds21×10×41cmHTD41128

Working Principle

According to the structural diagram, the mold is mainly composed of a template and a pressing module. The cement sample is installed between the two. Unscrew the nut during demolding and turn the handle to loosen the upper template to remove the sample. Between the modules is through the stud connection, other module samples can be taken out after loosening. This cement test block mold has been selected with high-quality materials according to the principle of the mold, and has been tested according to the characteristics of the mold, so that it not only releases quickly during use, but also has a smooth surface and is not easily damaged.

Technical Parameters

No.Technical Specification
1Working Pressure41MPa
2Working Temperature370℃