Capillary Suction Timer (CST) Model HTD-CST



Power supply

9V alkaline battery 100V or 240V ac adapter 50/60Hz

Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

The Model 440 Capillary Suction Timer (CST) consists of a digital timer, sample cell, and a specially selected filter paper composed of unidirectional fibers. Aqueous samples are placed in the sample cell, resulting in variable rates of water passing into the filter paper through capillary suction action.
The rates of filtration are dependent upon particle size, solids content, and settling rates of flocculation state. Thus, the instrument is adaptable for use as a control parameter for waste disposal facilities and for classification and qualification of soil types in geotechnical use, evaluation of soil/bentonite liners, and analysis of slurry trench fluids and drilling fluids.
The CST is ideal for use in the field as it operates on a single 9-volt battery which provides over 40 hours of use. A battery eliminator is supplied for laboratory use. The complete CST device consist of a timer unit, test head assembly with funnel, 9 VDC battery and battery eliminator (115 VAC), one box of filter paper, and instructions.

Type Specification

HTD-CSTCapillary Suction Timer

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Power supply9V alkaline battery
100V or 240V ac adapter 50/60Hz
2Work stress100psi(690±35)kPa
3The filtration area(4580±60)mm2
4Net weight / Gross weight1.76kg/2.14kg
5Overall dimensions280×200×80mm
6Packing size385×205×230mm