Aging Cells Model HTD12535



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Product Description

The ultra-high temperature pressure kettle is a specially designed pressure vessel, which is matched with the ultra-high temperature roller oven. The kettle is mainly made of special alloy processing, which is composed of kettle body, sealing cover, sealing ring, kettle cover flange, exhaust valve and protective cover.

The kettle can be used at rest or in the dynamic mode of the roller oven to keep the sample temperature in a liquid state even above the boiling temperature of water.

Mainly applicable to:
1. In the newly prepared drilling fluid, study the cation exchange reaction that occurs in the drilling fluid.
2. Determine the stability of drilling fluid additives.
3. Mix liquid or solid materials evenly.
4. Degas the liquid.

The ultra-high temperature pressure kettle is made of special alloy, and the kettle body has been specially treated to greatly improve the corrosion resistance and pressure resistance performance. The total volume is 500 ml and can hold 350 ml of sample. The maximum experimental temperature can reach 600 ° F (316 ° C) and the pressure can reach 2500 psi (17237 kPa). It is used to evaluate the performance of drilling fluid or mud under static or dynamic ultra-high temperature conditions.

Specification and Model

HTD12535Ultra-high temperature pressure kettle


Working Principle

The kettle can be at rest or in the dynamic mode of the roller furnace, given the required temperature and pressure conditions, the sample in kettle remains liquid.

Technical Parameters

No.Technical Specifications
1Operation temperature range50℃~316℃
2Velocity of sample in kettle0.16 m/s
3Total volume500mL
4sample volume350mL
6Overall dimensionsΦ94×258.5
7Packing Size350x240x240(mm)